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Mimbres Cultural Heritage Site Needs Volunteers:

The Mimbres Culture Heritage Site in Mimbres is looking for volunteers to assist with showing tourists and student groups around the Mattocks Ruin, a world famous archeological site, and through the two historic territorial ranch houses dating from 1860s.

Museum Planned for the Gooch House:

The Wilson Education Foundation has recently acquired the site from the Silver City Museum and plans to develop a museum in the Gooch House. Planning is already underway to develop two galleries, which will deal with the Mattock's Ruin and the development of the Mimbres Valley. The Gooch and Wood houses are excellent examples of the territorial ranch house style. Very few houses of that period remain. It is also the only Mimbres site open to the public with interpretative signs.

Come join us if you are interested in archeology and local history of the Mimbres Valley. Training is provided for our volunteers. It does not cost to participate. You will meet interesting people and be involved in a really exciting project.

Please call our volunteer coordinator James Ransom, MCHS Museum, 575/536-2892

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